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As part of registering at Hobart Dodgeball every player acknowledges that they understand the below conditions and the Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct.

Standard Team Structure

There is a maximum of 6 players per team on court. Our mixed leagues need at least 1 player of either gender, with a maximum of 4 of either gender on court (E.g. Typical format is 4 males and 2 females) with players aged 16 and up. ID Checks will be made for those who look 18 or under. 

Seasonal Costs

  • Weekly match fee

    • Drop in

      • $10 per person for

    • Leagues

      • $60 per team

      • If your team pays for the whole season in advanced we offer a $5 discount off each week of the season. (E.g. for a 15 week season, excluding finals, the whole season is $825), paying in advance does not exclude you or your team of membership or forfeiture fees.

Additional Information

For leagues, if your team needs to forfeit you are required to give 48 hours notice or you will incur a forfeiture fee of $60. With each forfeit your team will suffer a 10 - 0 loss for that game. Early withdrawals from a season will incur a $180 fee for the team. There are no swaps of game times. Each player is required to attend at least 30% of the season in order to qualify for Finals