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Hello everyone.

Have you been tempted to come try out a drop in dodgeball session, but weren't sure if anyone else would be there. Are you one of those people who put off doing something you may be interested in unless there is a stated commitment? If so, your dodgeball prayers have been answered because starting next week Hobart Dodgeball will now be taking bookings via our website!

From Tuesday the 23rd of March, players are now strongly encouraged to book online. You have the option to book for yourself and up to 10 other players. You can also pay securely online or select the option to pay in person.

The reason for this change is to be able to provide maximum amount of smiles for every one who attends. While established fans of the sport like myself might enjoy the challenge of one on one, it may be a bit daunting for someone dipping their toes into the dodgeball water. Knowing who will be showing up allows me to let already registered players know that they will have some competition.

Please be a dear, do me a solid, and make sure you book for each session you plan to attend. Also be sure to register so that I can keep you up to date.

Booking How-To

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